Ministries at St. Paul's
Sunday School 

Children's Sunday School meets from 10:00 am to 10:30 am, then they joins parents for prayers and the Eucharist.  Teens' Sunday School meets, as announced, following the Eucharist. The Sunday School year begins the second Sunday in September and continues through the second Sunday in June. A short Summer Session is held during the month of July. 

The upper elementary classes focus on the Seasons of the Church Year, the Sacraments, and the study and memorization of the Apostle’s Creed. Sunday School activities include building fellowship by hosting Coffee Hours and by participation in the annual Christmas Play. All children, including friends and visitors, are welcome to attend our Sunday School classes.

Vacation Bible School 

 Join us each year for Christian learning and summer fun.  VBS is free to any child wanting to attend. 

Altar Guild 

As is customary in many churches, St. Paul’s has a “behind the scenes” group of women known as the Altar Guild. The Guild provides vital support in preparing for the Mass. This entails both setting up and clearing the altar, preparing linens, laying out the Priest's vestments, ordering supplies and flowers, and setting up the church for special services. All church members are welcome to assist with the bi-annual cleaning of the brass. If you would like to volunteer or are interested in learning more about the Guild, please contact the director, Beth Fuller.

St. Martha’s Guild 

St. Martha’s Guild, a service-oriented group, is open to all women of the church at least 16 years of age. Each year the women gather to develop a mission statement. Monthly meetings are held to set, review and discuss activities on how to reach the goals reflecting that mission. Customarily, the Guild reaches out to the community, whether it is through donations, food baskets or providing other support. The guild organizes the annual church craft, bake and yard sale and fund-raising dinners which are open to the public. Other Guild-sponsored activities include a bi-annual Afternoon Tea with a fun auction. The Guild meets on Sundays five times throughout the year following Mass. Please contact Mary Delaforce for additional information.

Men's Club 

The Men's group focuses on St. Paul's work projects and special events like the pancake breakfasts, Lenten Fish Fry Dinners and barbecuing for picnics. With St. Paul's newly updated kitchen and refurbished Fellowship Hall, the six 2015 Lenten Fish Fry Dinners were very successful.    The club meets as needed. Contact the Senior or Junior Warden for additional information.

Ongoing Church Activities 

Father Bowyer, the former Academic Dean of St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College, conducts confirmation classes and new member classes as needed.  He conducts adult Bible study classes during the Lenten and Advent seasons.  St. Paul's offers other opportunities for fellowship and social interaction, see the  Calendar  page for upcoming events.

Activities the Church Supports 

St. Paul's actively supports a number of charitable projects both locally and abroad, ranging from St. Mary's Pantry (a food-bank for the hungry) to foreign missions. The church regularly supports the Veterans Home with personal and comfort items and the  Safe Water Project for under-developed countries.  The local chapter of the National Association of Clock and Watch Collectors and the Tri-County Investment Club meet in the St. Paul's facilities. 

Church Grounds Coffee

Church Grounds Coffee is a business focused on lending a helping hand to others worldwide.  The owners of Church Grounds Coffee, LLC are committed to donating a substantial amount of profits to humanitarian causes with a global impact (see website for fund raising opportunities).

St. Paul's Garden in Bloom 

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